Ankur Sagar: Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Dreams

Ankur’s story is about facing tough times and never giving up. He loved sports and art, but when a car accident put him in a wheelchair, many thought his dreams were over. But Ankur didn’t give up. He found strength in his passions.

At the Sarthak Global Resource Center NAAI Regional event, Ankur got his chance to shine. With help from his college HOD, who saw his talent in art, Ankur joined the poster design competition. He felt ready with his background in Fine Arts.

And he amazed everyone. Every stroke of his brush told a story. And when they announced the winners, Ankur was on top. Winning the gold medal wasn’t just about the prize—it was about showing the world that disabilities can’t hold you back.

But Ankur’s story doesn’t end there. Inspired by his win, he’s aiming even higher. He wants to compete nationally and internationally. His journey with Sarthak and NAAI is a source of pride, showing others that with courage and passion, anything is possible.

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