Sarthak NAAI: A Platform for Talent, Determination, and Success

Experience the journey of resilience and talent with Naserul. His 16-year dedication to hand embroidery led to a gold medal win at the NAAI Regional Competition 2024, under the guidance of Sarthak Global Resource Center. Discover how determination defies all odds and leads to extraordinary achievements. Join us in celebrating Naserul’s triumph and the transformative power of support and empowerment.

Naserul’s 16-Year Journey in Hand Embroidery Shines at Sarthak’s NAAI Regional Competition 2024 Naserul, a dedicated hand embroiderer from Jammu & Kashmir, has been committed to his craft since he was 10 years old. Hand embroidery is a family business, but Naserul went further by completing an ITI in hand embroidery to enhance his skills. Despite facing a 60% locomotor disability, his passion for his craft never wavered.

Naserul’s journey took a significant turn when he learned about the NAAI event organized by Sarthak Global Resource Center through a WhatsApp group for individuals with disabilities. Intrigued, he reached out to Sarthak, gathered all the necessary information, and decided to participate in the regional competition held in Gurgaon.

Sarthak Global Resource Center provided Naserul with the platform to showcase his talent. Their support helped him compete and excel at the event. His confidence and dedication culminated in winning the gold medal in hand embroidery at the NAAI Sarthak Event 2024, a milestone he had never imagined achieving.

Overwhelmed with joy, Naserul expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support from Sarthak Global Resource Center. Their guidance and resources have been crucial in helping him prepare for the upcoming national NAAI event. This victory marks a new chapter in Naserul’s life, filled with hope and excitement.

Buoyed by his success at the regional level, Naserul is determined to continue striving for excellence. With Sarthak’s ongoing support, he is confident in his ability to achieve another gold medal at the national level. Naserul’s journey is a testament to his resilience and the empowering impact of organizations like Sarthak Global Resource Center.

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