Vision 2027

NAAI’s Vision for the 11th International Abilympics in Finland 2027: A Journey of Empowerment and Skill Excellence


The National Abilympic Association of India (NAAI) is gearing up for a momentous event – the 11th International Abilympics to be held in Finland in 2027. With a rich history of participation and achievement in previous editions, NAAI is poised to once again showcase the incredible talents and capabilities of individuals with disabilities from India on the global stage.

Previous Successes:

NAAI has a track record of excellence in the International Abilympics arena. In the 10th International Abilympics held in Metz, France in March 2023, NAAI proudly brought home 7 medals, highlighting the exceptional skills and determination of its participants. Furthermore, election of Dr. Jitender Aggarwal, Secretary General, NAAI as an Executive Committee Member of the International Abilympics Federation, Japan, amongst the & International members, underscores the organization’s growing influence and commitment to advancing the cause of inclusivity and skill development worldwide.

Plan for Participation in the 11th International Abilympics:

NAAI’s roadmap for participation in the upcoming International Abilympics in Finland is comprehensive and strategic, focusing on skill development, talent identification, and organizational collaboration:

  • Skills Finalization:

NAAI recognizes the importance of aligning its skill categories with the requirements of the host country, Finland. For this, NAAI has undertaken the task of finalizing 30 trades and skill categories in accordance with the Finland skills list.

  • Outreach and Screening:

Identifying and nurturing talent is a cornerstone of NAAI’s mission. The organization, in collaboration with Nodal agencies and over 750+ IDEA NGO partners, is conducting extensive outreach and screening programs across India. These initiatives aim to identify individuals with disabilities possessing exceptional skills and potential, providing them with opportunities to showcase their abilities at regional, national, and international levels.

  • Sponsorship and Event Organization:

Organizing regional and national events serves as a platform to showcase talent and ensure their selection. NAAI is actively seeking sponsorship and support from corporate partners and stakeholders to organize these events effectively. These events not only serve as qualifiers for the International Abilympics but also promote inclusivity and awareness within the community.

  • Training and Upskilling:

Preparing participants for the international competition requires meticulous training and upskilling initiatives. NAAI is committed to providing both online and offline training opportunities for registered candidates. Through a combination of virtual sessions and offline one-on-one training boot camps, regionally and nationally selected candidates will receive comprehensive training tailored to their respective skill categories, by the Experts from Industry and Academia. These initiatives will not only enhance participants’ technical competencies but also foster confidence and resilience.


NAAI’s vision for the 11th International Abilympics in Finland is rooted in empowerment, inclusivity, and excellence. Through strategic planning, collaborative partnerships and dedicated training initiatives, NAAI aims to position Indian participants as formidable contenders on the global stage. The organization’s commitment to nurturing talent and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities reflects its unwavering dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. As the journey to Finland unfolds, NAAI remains steadfast in its mission to champion the abilities and aspirations of every individual, regardless of their challenges, leading them to bring glory for themselves and India.

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