Breaking barriers, one success story at a time! Jintu’s journey with Sarthak

Embark on a journey of resilience and triumph with Jintu, a shining example of the transformative impact of Sarthak Educational Trust and its hiring partners  Vishal Mega Mart and First Cry. Faced with the challenges of securing employment due to his low vision disability, Jintu’s story is a testament to the unwavering power of determination and the boundless potential of inclusive employment initiatives. From his initial connection with Sarthak in 2022 to his remarkable success at Vishal Mega Mart and First Cry, Jintu’s journey highlights the collaborative efforts that are reshaping the landscape of opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Join us as we delve into the inspiring narrative of Jintu, a beacon of hope and empowerment in the face of adversity.

Jintu’s journey stands as a remarkable success story, highlighting the transformative impact of Sarthak Educational Trust and its esteemed hiring partners-First Cry and Vishal Mega Mart. Graduating in 2020, Jintu encountered daunting barriers in his job search due to his low vision disability. However, his fortunes changed when a friend introduced him to Sarthak Educational Trust, a beacon of opportunity for individuals like him.

In 2022, Jintu embraced the comprehensive training program offered by Sarthak’s Guwahati Center in Assam. Through their guidance and support, he honed his skills and gained confidence, paving the way for a life-changing opportunity. Thanks to Sarthak’s collaboration with Vishal Mega Mart, Jintu secured a coveted position at the renowned establishment, where he thrived for a year.

Despite facing unforeseen challenges that led to a temporary setback, Jintu’s unwavering determination and faith in Sarthak remained unshakeable. Returning to Sarthak for assistance once again proved to be a pivotal decision. With their steadfast support and dedication, Jintu embarked on a new chapter of success.

This time, Sarthak’s partnership with First Cry opened doors to yet another enriching opportunity for Jintu. Securing a position with a competitive salary package of 1.4 LPA, Jintu’s journey exemplifies the power of collaboration between Sarthak and its hiring partners. Together, they champion inclusivity and empowerment, turning dreams into tangible achievements and transforming lives for the better. Jintu’s success story serves as an inspiration to many, illustrating the boundless possibilities that arise when organizations like Sarthak join forces with visionary hiring partners to create a more inclusive workforce.

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