Winning his first-ever silver medal ignited a fire within Sahil, fuelling his passion for life like never before.

Sahil’s journey is truly inspiring! Despite being born with a locomotor disability affecting half of his body, he has never allowed it to hinder his pursuit of education and career. His determination and resilience shine through.

Education became Sahil’s strength to achieve his dreams. His father, fought tirelessly to ensure Sahil received the education he deserved. Sahil’s dream was to achieve something remarkable, to prove that disability need not define one’s potential.

Having earned a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science, Sahil’s hard work paid off when he secured a silver medal in data processing at the NAAI competition held at the Sarthak Global Resource Center (SGRC) in Gurugram, Haryana. This achievement is a testament to his abilities and dedication.

But Sahil’s connection with SGRC didn’t end there. He continues to be associated with them, receiving valuable job support as he charts his path forward. Sahil’s story exemplifies how passion, perseverance, and the right support can lead to remarkable accomplishments.

SGRC, located in Gurugram, plays a crucial role in empowering people with disabilities, fostering their talents, and creating awareness in society about their productive skills. Sahil’s journey is a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges.

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