Sriyarani: From Challenges to Triumphs with Sarthak and NAAI

Sriyarani’s thirst for something different in life led her to the Sarthak Global Resource Center NAAI Regional Competitions. Originally from Orissa, she moved to Chhattisgarh after getting married. Despite facing a 60% locomotor disability, Sriya’s enthusiasm never wavers. However, her journey has not been easy. In Orissa, she encountered numerous challenges at work due to her disability, including unequal pay and a lack of promotion opportunities.

Determined to excel, Sriya decided to focus on extracurricular activities. When she received a call from the Sarthak Educational Trust, she seized the opportunity and underwent training in tailoring, having previously won awards in this field. The training at Sarthak honed her skills, and when she participated in the NAAI competition at SGRC, she proudly secured the bronze medal in the tailoring category at the Sarthak Global Resource Center NAAI Regional Event in Gurugram, Haryana.

This achievement filled Sriya with immense joy, and she eagerly looked forward to the National NAAI Event, aiming for further success. Connecting with Sarthak boosted her confidence and fueled her desire to advocate for people like herself.

Sriya aspired to raise awareness, promote equality, and empower individuals with disabilities to assert their rights in every aspect of life.

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