Education, Resilience, and Victory: The Makwana Sanjay Nagjibhai Saga

Education as Empowerment:

Makwana Sanjay Nagjibhai said, “Disability is not a challenge; it made me stronger.” He never perceives himself as someone who is impaired. His dedication to studying and enhancing his abilities helped him land a government job in 2008 as a junior assistant in the Surat, Gujarat, Electricity board department.

Turning Point:

This is the first time in his 38 year of life he participated in any event for Data Processing. He even engages in sports like wheelchair cricket and para table tennis.
But never took part in the data processing competitions.

The NAAI Competition and Sarthak Educational Trust:

His friend motivated Sanjay to showcase his data processing skill in the NAAI competition and guided him about Sarthak Educational Trust and NAAI Goa Event schedule.

A Bronze Medal Triumph:

Sanjay’s efforts paid off in this very first NAAI competition, as he took home a bronze medal in the data processing talent category. He never took additional classes for this competition; instead, he used the knowledge he gained from his BA and PGDCA degrees to compete in the NAAI.


The NAAI competition has left Sanjay feeling motivated and eager for the next challenge. He is looking forward to the National NAAI competition and is determined to win again.


Sanjay journey serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that adversity can be overcome, and success is within reach for those who dare to dream and work tirelessly towards their goals. Makwana Sanjay Nagjibhai’s story is a beacon of hope and a reminder that with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.

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