From Job Seeker to Gold Medalist: Sarthak Educational Trust’s Impact on Aman Sahu’s Journey

Aman Sahu, a Senior Analyst, has become the talk of the town after clinching the gold medal in Cooking at the prestigious NAAI event held in Gurgaon,2023. Aman’s journey to success is intertwined with the pivotal role played by the Sarthak Educational Trust, where he sought job-related assistance back in 2018. Currently employed at Global Login Technology Company, Aman’s passion for cooking was always a cherished hobby, albeit one he never expected to excel in without formal training. It was Sarthak Educational Trust that recognized Aman’s innate culinary talent and encouraged him to showcase it at the NAAI Regional Gurgaon December 2023 Competition.

Despite facing challenges due to a locomotor disability in his right leg, Aman’s determination and skills shone through as he clinched the gold medal in the Cooking category.

This unexpected triumph not only reaffirmed his culinary prowess but also served as a testament to the support and encouragement he received from Sarthak.

With newfound confidence and determination, Aman is now gearing up for the national competition, setting his sights on clinching another gold medal. His story serves as a testament to the transformative influence of mentorship and support, exemplified by his journey with the Sarthak Educational Trust and his triumph at the NAAI event.

Aman’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of recognizing and nurturing innate talents, as well as the invaluable support provided by organizations like the Sarthak Educational Trust. With newfound confidence and determination, Aman’s journey continues to inspire others as he embarks on his quest for further success on the national stage.

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