Empowering People with Disabilities: The Journey of Parivartan NGO with Sarthak Educational Trust

Parivartan, an NGO based in Jharkhand, has been collaborating with Sarthak Educational Trust and the National Abilympic Association of India (NAAI) for the past two years. This journey has been significant, as it involved working closely with people who face physical challenges and require proper guidance and support.

The Beginning:

The collaboration began with a vision to create a more inclusive society, where individuals with disabilities are not only accepted but also celebrated for their unique abilities. Parivartan NGO, under the leadership of Ms. Shreya Tiwari, recognized the need for proper guidance and support for PwDs, and Sarthak Educational Trust emerged as a natural ally in this endeavour.

Sarthak Guidance:

The IDEA Partner Capacity Building Sessions organized by Sarthak Educational Trust have been instrumental in providing Parivartan NGO with crucial information needed for its functioning. This session has provided valuable insights into various aspects of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, which are essential for an NGO working with people with disabilities (PwDs).

Empowering PwDs:

Together, Parivartan NGO and Sarthak Educational Trust have worked tirelessly to provide PwDs in Jharkhand with the resources they need to thrive. This includes offering vocational training, scholarship opportunities, and access to healthcare services with the support of CapSarathi-Digital Platform.  More than 70+candidates benefitted by the CapSarathi-Digital Platform from the Parivartan NGO.

National Abilympic Association of India (NAAI):

Previously, from Parivartan, many candidates have participated in NAAI skill category competitions and showcased their skills and abilities but missed the winning moment.

Now, Parivartan is gearing up to prepare PwDs candidates for the 2027 NAAI competitions.

Soon, in the upcoming regional competitions, their candidates will showcase their talent and expect some winning moments.


The unwavering support of Sarthak Educational Trust has been instrumental in providing proper guidance and enlightenment to those in need. The opportunity to work closely with special individuals is both a privilege and a blessing. Ms. Shreya takes immense pride in being part of Sarthak Educational Trust and NAAI’s mission to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

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