Persons with Disability (Pwd’s) or Divyanjan’s face many barriers in life, biggest being the attitude of people towards them. Campaigns and events involving public and civil society helps break the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding them.

Vocational skills based Abilympic Events organised by NAAI at regional, national and international levels, helps motivate and build up their confidence.

NAAI organizes these events across the country to engage maximum PwDs to showcase their talent and skill. The events are held at a grand level and thus requires various support mechanism to host them successfully. The activities include, reaching out to PwDs to their registration, providing support to those Pwds at the Venues sho need assistance, to helping them with minor requirements during the competitions. Alongwith the competitions NAAI also conducts regional job fairs and conferences to sensitize various stakeholders.

Hence, ee look forward to Volunteers to support us during the events to ensure well organized event. Your support in bringing about social change in the lives of PwD and their communities, through actively engaging in organising these events, will be a huge contribution in creating a more inclusive and accessible society.

We invite applications from interested persons to join us as a Volunteer during these events and support our initiative.

For more details please contact us on - 011-42004238 or email us - info@abilympicsindia.org

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