Md. Shamim Alam

Skill Category - Tailoring

Disability- Locomotor Disability

Gaya, Bihar


Md. Shamim Alam was born with a locomotor disability, affecting 48% of his body. Despite this, his father guided and supported him through his studies. He completed schooling until 10th grade but had to drop out due to poor financial conditions. He then started helping his father with tailoring work at home. In 2009, he came to know about the National Abilympics Association of India (NAAI) from the Bihar Abilympics non-profit organization.

NAAI organizes regional competitions, and Alam participated in one such competition in Patna. He was selected to represent India in the Japan International Abilympics in 2011. He has been attending offline training sessions on a weekly basis with the ATDC in Patna, and also attended an offline training camp held in Delhi in January 2022. Alam has used his disability to his advantage, proving that one can do anything if oneset their mind to it. This is an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and making the most out of any situation.

Skill category - Tailoring

Another skill is Tailoring, this requires producing a man's outfit and tailor made models using the provided fabric and according to given instructions. Contestants are required to work with the given patterns furnished for the cut out process and they should be able to make the entire production (collar attachment to upper garment and sleeves attachment, pants, jackets, t-shirts, etc.).



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