P. Sai Krishnan

Skill Category - Photography (Outdoor)

Disability- Locomotor Disability

Chennai, Tamil Nadu


P. Sai Krishnan has an 80% of Locomotor disability but right from childhood, his strong determination, and eagerness to learn and explore helped him pursue his dreams. Photography has always fascinated him as his father's younger brother was a photographer and so while pursuing B.Sc in Physics and MCPS Engineer, he started to work on his photography skills. His family especially his parents were his pillars of strength. He approached Vidyasagar NGO in Chennai in 2005 to register for Regional competitions after reading about it in a newspaper. He has been getting weekly online training from Expert photographer and documentary maker Mr. Vijay Jodha and has represented India in the last three International competitions (Japan, Korea, and France). He never gave up on something he believed in from the start and is making his dream a reality



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