Omkar Deorukhkar

Skill Category - Poster Designing

Disability- Hearing Impaired Disability

Pune, Maharashtra


It's rightly said that 'Where there's a will there's a way.'

Omkar Deorukhkar was born with 100% Hearing impairment but he never let it become his weakness. The supportive attitude of his family and friends fromthe beginning helped him to complete his schooling. While pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Pune, he started learning to use various software and created and designed posters which was also a part of his professional requirement. He started out as a young boy with a dream and a passion. He was determined to pursue his passion and become independent. He searched for opportunities and soon found out about the National Abilympics Association of India (NAAI) through an NGO in Pune called Bal Kalyan Sansthan. He participated in various competitions at the zonal, regional, and national levels, as well as with partners and nodal agencies.

He was mentored by Shri Kranti Anand, senior Professor in Media & Outreach Department at SGT University, Gurugram. Omkar has been attending weekly online training since 2021 and has also attended offline boot camps in 2022. With strong determination and willpower, he is excelling and growing in his field. His mentors and trainers are very satisfied and happy with the kind of positivity Omkar have in his life.

Skill category - Poster Designing

In poster design, competitors create an electronic layout of an information poster on a computer. They use software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Ready to print, posters are created for the jury to be reviewed.



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