Narendra Luthra

Skill Category - Word Processing

Disability- Locomotor Disability



Narendra Luthra may have a locomotor disability of 80%, but that hasn't stopped him from living his best life. His family has always been supportive, and this has allowed him to pursue his education at Punjab University. It was here that he learned about the National Abilympics Association of India (NAAI) and the competitions they hold for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in many skill sets. Despite his disability, Narendra has never lost his enthusiasm or spirit. He works with MS Word on a daily basis, and this led him to realize his potential in word processing at a competition level. He participated as a wild card entry in an Online Assessment camp organized by NAAI in 2021. Narendra's story is one of hope and determination. He is an example of what can be achieved when you set your mind to it, no matter the odds.

He has been undergoing online weekly training through his Expert Mr. Madhav Sharma from SGT University, Gurugram. He also attended an offline training Boot Camp organized in Delhi in Jan 2022 by NAAI where his practice reflected his effort to bring laurels to the country.

Skill category - Word Processing

Word Processing is a competition where people present their skills in various office tasks. This can include things like creating and formatting documents, using spreadsheets and databases, and developing presentations. For each task, the competitors have to type and design the document, type in the data, and edit the document. They may also have to paste in pictures, diagrams, and tables, and apply the formatting.



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