Chetan Pashikar

Skill Category - Painting & Decoration

Disability- Hearing Impaired Disability

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Chetan Pashikar was born with complete Hearing loss. Post the early skepticism, his family was very supportive. During his special schooling in his early childhood, he had a knack to make sketches. He soon realized that it is more than just a hobby and he is gifted with the talent of arts. To learn more in the field and polish his skills, he completed his Masters in Fine Arts.

He learned about NAAI through the NGO, Bal Kalyan Sanstha working in Pune. He is being trained on a weekly basis online by the faculty of Lady Irwin College. He also attended the offline training boot camp in Delhi in January 2022.

Skill category - Painting & Decoration

It consists in painting a picture based on a provided model or theme. Candidates use watercolors or pastel colors. In the painting and decoration category, competitors must demonstrate their skills in using different painting techniques, and completing a project within a set time limit.



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