Manhar Chauhan

Skill- Photography (Studio)

Disability- Locomotor Disability

Surat, Gujrat 


Manhar Chauhan has 75% locomotor disability. He has strong support of his family since childhood. Manhar, after completing schooling in Surat, got motivated by his elder brother who is a professional photographer to take up Photography as a profession. And soon he realized his growing interest and passion in the field.

He was first introduced to Abilympics by an NGO in Ahemdabad named Blind People's Association. In the next few years, he participated in three international Abilympics events. Under the mentorship and guidance of Mr. Vijay Jodha who is a renowned photographer and documentary maker. He used to attend weekly online training sessions and also up in New Delhi

Skill category - Photography (Studio)

In a photography studio skill contest, Participants take turns taking pictures of a model or object in a studio environment, using various technical skills, lighting, and creativity on the given theme. Candidates select 5 photos, edit them with specific software, and submit the final work to the jury.



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