Who can participate?

A person with any disability (40% and above). A copy of the Disability Certificate is required to be attached to the registration form.
He / She should be 15 years and above on a date fixed prior to the commencement of District, Divisional, State, Regional, National and International abilympics.

  • He / She can participate in any contest included in the schedule of events.

  • He / She can participate in a maximum of two contests if the date and time do not clash.

  • Travel :  The travel expenses to & fro of the participants will be borne by either the sponsoring organization or the participant himself/herself.

          However, Boarding and Lodging arrangements will be made by NAAI.

The winners of District / State / Regional will participate in the National Abilympics.  in addition to the medal winners in the Regionals  a limited number of lateral entries  are allowed based  on the recommendation of the respective Zonal Vice Presidents.  These lateral entries are restricted to individuals who either earn their livelihood from the respective vocational/leisure skills events or for any reason could not participate in the Regionals.