Event Guidelines

1. Contestants are required to carry a "Disability Certificate" from a medical practitioner in which the disability is described and fitness to travel is indicated.

2. Registration forms, duly completed by National Associations and/or registered IAF members, accompanied by 2 passport size (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) photographs and registration amount should be submitted by August 31, 2017.

3.Registration will be accepted till August 31, 2017. Completed forms should reach National Abilympic Association of India, Sarthak Educational Trust Building No.1, Mohammadpur, Near Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi - 110066. All contestants, escorts and officials are required to pay registration fee, which is non-refundable, together with the application forms as per dates notified by the Coordinating Committee.

4. The Coordinating Committee shall select judges having experience/knowledge in the related field from among persons nominated by the participating organizations. Efforts will be made to ensure that judges from any single country do not form a majority on any panel, except under special circumstances. It is the sole responsibility of the Coordinating Committee to select and appoint judges for all contests.

5. Performance of contestants will be evaluated purely on professional merit of the product. No concession for any particular disability will be allowed as such except for visually impaired in computer events.

6. All finished products of the contests and photographs taken by the contestants during the 6th International Abilympics will be the property of NAAI who may utilize it in any way whatsoever for promotion of Abilympics.

7. The task assignments as well as assessment criteria for all the contests shall be notified to the participating organizations at least six months before the Internationals. These will also be made available/displayed during the contests for reference. The same will also be available on Abilympics website : www.abilympicsindia.org

8. All materials/tools/equipment for the contest will be provided by the Organizing Committee. However, the contestants are permitted to bring their own work tools allowed in the task assignment. These will be subject to inspection by the judges and the convenors. It will be ensured that no contestant uses any specialized tools or assistive devices which give him/her undue advantage over other contestants.

9. Based on the demonstrated performance the following prizes will be awarded in individual contests in accordance with the final result.a. Gold medalb. Silver medalc. Bronze medal

10. Under exceptional circumstances a Certificate of Excellence/Merit. may also be awarded.

11. In addition, every participant will get a certificate.

12. The organisers shall make arrangements for emergency, medical and "First Aid" facilities at the venue of the competitions, as well as, at all the places where lodging arrangements have been made for the participants. Participants are, however, advised to carry insurance cover for any major medical treatment and hospitalization.

Contest Rules

English is the official language. Each delegation will have to make its own arrangements to provide language and/or sign language interpreter(s) at their own expense.

Only persons with disability are eligible to participate in the 6th International Abilympics.

Contestants are required to carry a disability medical certificate in which their disability, along with present medication, if any, is clearly described.

On request from some countries to increase the number of contestants per event from each delegation, the matter was reconsidered and it has now been decided to allow three contestants per event (in place of the present two) from each delegation. This has been done in consultation with International Abilympic Federation

For participants entering various childrens' event categories, 1st Dec 2003 will be the cut-off date for determination of age ie; children born on/after 1st December 1988 are eligible to participate.

Ordinarily, each contestant is expected to take part in one contest event only.
However, he/she may participate in a maximum of two events, if the programme permits. No changes in the programme will be made to accommodate individual contestants.

Contest events will be held only if there are at least five contestants from a minimum of three countries.

Task assignments of individual skills contests will be available in English. Convenors will explain these assignments to participants one hour before the start of each contest so that the contestants understand the intricacies of the task. Doubts, if any, will be clarified by the Convenor and/or Judges.

Each contestant must perform the assigned task independently within the stipulated time. In case a contestant requires a helper or any other assistance because of the disability, a written request should be made to the Director of Competitions , at the time of application/registration.

Contestants are allowed to bring the work tools permitted in the task assignments only. The convenor must be informed/shown personal tools for inspection at least one hour before the start of the contest. This equipment must not place a contestant at an undue advantage as compared to other contestants. If necessary, the convenor shall consult the judges to obtain a clarification. The Jury will be the final court of appeal in such cases.

In order to avoid inequality among contestants and maintain uniformity in quality and quantity of equipment/tools/materials, the organizing committee will provide all equipment and materials necessary for the contest. Contestants must take care to use the materials so provided judiciously and avoid wastage.

In case a contestant accepts non-permitted or unauthorised assistance or in case of any breach of rules, he/she will be cautioned. A repeated or serious breach of rules confirmed by at least one judge and the convenor, jointly or individually, will lead to disqualification. The decision of the Jury in this regard will be final and binding, without any right of further appeal.

Canvassing in any form will lead to disqualification of the concerned contestant.

Assistive devices e.g. stencils, screen etc. can be used only if prepared during the contest time. All pre-prepared devices will be confiscated by the organizers.

Contestants are not allowed to bring any finished or semi-finished product to the contest site. In case any such breach of rules is noticed during or after the end of the contest it will be sufficient ground for disqualification of the concerned contestant.

Only authorised persons viz., jurors, judges, convenors, technical team of NAAI and volunteers specially authorized for the event and photographers with accredition can enter the contest area. This includes Chairman, President, Secretary-General and other authorized officials of IAF and NAAI in the course of their duty. However, members of public, participating teams of Abilympics and representative of mass media will be permitted to watch the event in such a way that it does not disturb the contestants. All concerned are required to maintain silence and NOT interfere or distract the contestants in any way during the contests.

Performance of contestants will be evaluated purely on professional merit of their products by a panel of three Judges. Judges from any single country shall not form a majority on any panel of judges. However, in case enough International nominees are not available, the host organization has the right to appoint judges from its own country even if they form a majority. This will, however, be avoided as far as possible.

No consideration will be given for disability as such. However evaluation of persons with visual impairment competing in computer events contest will be done separately.

Final evaluation will be made on the basis of the total of points awarded by all the judges. In case more than one contestant gets the same point evaluation, the time taken to complete the assignment will be the decisive factor.

Results will be announced over the public address system and displayed prominently not later than four hours after the end of each contest. A copy of the same duly signed by the judges and counter-signed by the Chairperson of the Jury will be retained for records.

Results will NOT be announced by the judges or convenors under any circumstances. Announcers on public address systems will NOT accept / make any announcements over the public address system unless the same is authorized in writing by the chairperson of the jury.

All products of the contest and photographs taken by the contestants and of the contestants / participants during the 6th International Abilympics will be the property of NAAI who may utilize these in any way whatsoever for promotion of Abilympics.

Only designated leaders of the team with the help of an interpreter when necessary are eligible to make an appeal against the announced results in writing together with a deposit of US Doller 50 ( US Doller fifty only) to the Jury within 4 hours of public announcement of the result.

The appeal will be examined by the jury, which will consist of five persons viz; Chairman NAAI, a representative of IAF and three members from the participating delegations selected and nominated by the Organizing Committee.

The Jury may co-opt additional members if necessary. The result of this appeal will be signed by all members of the jury and will be final and binding on all concern. The fee will be refunded only if the appeal is upheld.

East Zone Abilympics photographs

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Ila Sachani has never known the use of her hands ? since birth, her hands have been non-functional. Ila has not allowed that inconvenient fact to overcome her. She has mastered the use of her feet which she uses to paint and embroider delicate patterns with finesse. This gutsy lady has won many accolades and awards in her quest for excellence. She draws her inspiration from her deep faith in God. At the Abilympics you will find many more like Ila demonstrating their genius.