Journey So Far

The Journey So Far

To begin with,  NAAI was headquartered at Sarthak Educational Trust, Gurgaon.  The country was divided into five zones i.e. North, South, East, West & Central for ease of functioning. Three to four experienced heads and NGOs in the disability sector who had requisite infrastructure were appointed as Vice President in each Zone. This helped to spread the message of Abilympics and provided a platform to persons with disability to showcase their abilities in different vocational skills.

After its inception in 2001,  NAAI has enabled the participation of  Indian Contingent in the 6th and 7th International Abilympics.  In addition, Sub-Regional, Regional, the First and Second Nationals and the 6th International Abilympics were organized.  Medal winners of the International Abilympics were given cash prizes.  All this was possible with full support from the Government, NGOs, the private and public sectors as well as individuals.

The National Abilympic Association of India is in its 9th  year of existence. The 3rd National Abilympics are scheduled to be held from October 22-24, 2010 at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.  The event is being organized by Samanvay Parivaar Trust under the leadership of Dr. Jitendra Jamdar.  Efforts to raise funds to organize the Nationals, have started in right ernest. 

The medal winners of the Regional Abilympics 2008-09 held in all the 5 zones will participate  in the Nationals.  In addition, a limited number of lateral entries will be allowed based on the recommendation of the respective Zonal Vice Presidents.  These lateral entries will be  restricted to individuals who either earn their livelihood from the respective vocational/ leisure skills events or for any reason could not participate in the Regionals.

However, if anybody has participated in the Regional Abilympics 2008-09 but had not won a medal will not be allowed to participate under this category.  It is proposed to formulate the task assignments for the Nationals based on the guidelines for the 8th IA. 

The Abilympic movement has  become quite popular across the country.  A large cross- section of society has become aware of the abilities of the  differently-abled. Increasingly, a larger number of institutions and persons with disability are showing interest and  keenness to participate in the vocational as well as leisure and living skills competitions at District,  State, Regional and National levels.

NAAI has all along received financial support and encouragement from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of NCT, Delhi, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, corporates, public and private sector and a large number of individuals. Professionals academic institutions and training institutes provide assistance for upgrading the skills of the contestants.